Machinery and Application

Gasparini S.p.A. designs and manufactures roll forming lines, sheet metal processing systems, integrated industrial processes. We offer technological solutions for the production of profiles and finished products in sectors such as logistics, construction, energy and automotive.

Our roll forming systems using different technological solutions according to the customer's production needs, solutions that are defined with the study and analysis of the request.

Versatility and reliability are two key elements of Gasparini S.p.A. which have been enhanced over time by the professionalism and competence of its highly specialized team, able to operate within multiple application areas, always maintaining a high quality standard aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of customers, knowing how to contribute in a way crucial to development.

The roll forming systems of this international reference company find excellent application, for example in the field of logistics, thanks to roll forming machines for industrial shelving and shelving for supermarkets, for silos, for the profiles of cold rooms.

In the field of construction, the know-how of Gasparini S.p.A. translates into the creation of roll forming lines for roofing and cladding, structural profiles, scaffolding, sheet metal work, lifts, doors and many other elements in building sector.

In the energy field, the experience of Gasparini S.p.A. represents a point of reference in the construction of rollforming systems, a sector where the lines are used in the application areas of electrical distribution and lighting for the production of cable ducts and ladders, structural profiles for electrical cabinets, mesh ducts.

Speaking of automotive, then, the production and design of rollforming lines is focused on machinery for structural elements of automobile chassis, for anti-intrusion bars, for bumpers, for side members, for industrial vehicles, for reinforcements and for all those components that constitute the body of a vehicle.

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