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Roll Forming Machines and Equipment

GASPARINI is a world roll forming machine manufacturer leader in the production of hi-tech roll forming machine systems for the sheet metal industry. GASPARINI designs, builds and manufactures roll forming machines.

Today Gasparini's rollformers are used by 1200 companies in the world, specifically in the areas of logistics, construction, energy and automotive industries. A Gasparini roll former machine always guarantees top performances in roll forming production and cost-cutting, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.


The constant attention to the rolling forming market, together with the desire to always improve the rollforming machine production, allowed Gasparini to develop dynamics of diversification of production, resulting in the improvement of services and the expansion of its research and development department.
The company is strongly committed to increase its presence in the world of roll form machines and it is working to improve its metal roll former sales network, which is now operating in 35 countries in 5 continents offering a large range of roll forming sheet metal products.


In addition to roll formers, Gasparini can provide the production of rollformer machine systems on the customer's design.


The production of Gasparini's metal roll forming systems is fully in-house, based on a high-tech workshop where all stages of rollformer manufacturing are subjected to rigorous checks and verifications of compliance and quality and an internal computer system is used to manage the production of each roll former, giving full product traceability.


The headquarter is located in Mirano in Italy, only 20 km from Venice: it is a completely new building, all made with components coming from Gasparini's own lines and with 110 working specialists based there.


The electric power requested by the new site is supplied by an innovative photovoltaic plant, which can produce 350 kWh, reducing the output of CO2 of 250 t/year.
The management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


Gasparini is your international resource for metal roll forming machine systems of the best quality in the world. Our success in rollform machine production is based on experienced personnel, which is involved and contributes constantly through their work and their ideas to the growth of Gasparini and to the improvement of all the company's rollforming machines.


Thanks to Gasparini's experience, the production, the flexibility and the technological development of our roll form machine products are perfectly adapted to the different sectors of the market.

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