Gasparini do not consider quality as a stamp on a certificate but as a real strategic commitment that through the certification guarantees the best result and maximum efficiency.
It is an essential factor in the relation with Customer to guarantee their maximum level of satisfaction.
The competitive advantages of Gasparini machines are the result of a continuous research of innovative technologies, the capacity to serve the market with customised solutions and the attitude to always maintain the high standards also oriented to the implementation of new concept of eco design.
Gasparini reached the first Certification according to ISO 9001 : 1994, then the ISO 9001 : 2000 and since October 2009 is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.Gasparini has always been active in improving safety on its roll forming line and at the same time in its corporate reality On 2012 Gasparini has obtained has developed the documentation of the Management System of Safety and Health at Work according to the operation guide INAL "Lavoro Sicuro", and it has started the application.
Gasparini is an enterprise of the UCIMU brand dealership, distinctive feature of the highest Italian production quality, and the company’s duty is to create plants that guarantee environmental sustainability of their production cycle.
This duty represents the “Blue Philosophy”, which embody the UCIMU brand dealership.
The importance given to the environmental issues is evaluated as highly crucial by the UCIMU brand, such element is just one of the many critical aspects of the brand that feature also commercial reliability, financial stability, safety and
testing importance, customer care monitored through the Key Performance Indexes.
Recognized requirements in Gasparini’s operational system.

lavoro sicuro ucimu

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